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Glucose syrups

It is used for the preparation of different confectionery products, in the chocolate industry, in the production of soft drinks, etc. Its reduction properties determine its application for silvering of mirrors, ornaments for Christmas trees, toys, etc. It is used in colouring and printing of fabrics.

Glucose syrups

As early as the 80s of the past century in the factory started the production of glucose syrups and the company established as a leading producer of this product.

Glucose syrup is obtained through the process of enzyme hydrolysis of starch and it is a very caloric sweetener, used for enhancing the sweetness of a lot of drinks and foods. It is about 75% sweeter than sugar, cheaper and durable.

Apart from the ability of the syrup to increase the durability of products, it is mixed more easily with liquids thus preserving its sweetness better than sugar.

Glucose is widely used in different branches of food industry.